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Quality and Insightful Commentary, where and when we need it most.

Central to our nation’s ethos are the ideals of independence in speech and thought. Our nation thrives when its people have deep conversations, and the platforms that we currently use for this purpose, by forcing someone to articulate their argument in 280 characters or less, reward impulsivity, dishonesty, vitriol, and oversimplification. Much to the detriment of our country, honest and civil exchange of ideas is lost in the process.


Founded in February 2021 at Georgia Tech, The Liberty Jacket provides a more suitable format for students to discuss ideas and come to a better understanding of those who think differently than them. We foster civil and productive debate on campus, give a voice to students who often go unheard, and provide an outlet for students of all political outlooks to articulate their position and engage with differing opinions more honestly. Help us build a better future with deeper conversations.

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Shelby Barrow

As a Public Policy major minoring in Law, Science & Technology, Shelby aspires to become a public interest lawyer. She is primarily interested in social policy and the impacts that policy has on culture. At Georgia Tech, she serves on the executive board for Young Women for America and Students for Life.

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Webmaster / Cofounder

Nathaniel Greve

Aspiring to one day run for public office, Nathaniel is studying Cybersecurity so that he can work to bridge the gap between the technical knowledge required to understand the growing issue of cyber threats and the legislative expertise needed to craft effective solutions for America. Commentator and Wix web designer on the side.

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Associate Editor

Lillie Parker

As a psychology major, Lillie aspires to work in clinical and counseling psychology. Many of her interests include film, books, and languages. Lillie is part of the Psych Association and the Peer Coaching Program here at Tech.

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Vacant Positions

Director of Recruitment

Events and Debates Chair

Campus Correspondent

Associate Editors

Podcast Producer

Athletics Correspondent

One of these could be you! We are looking for dedicated student patriots that want to make a difference on campus and in his or her community. If you want to take a stance on protecting free speech and intelligent civil discourse, consider reaching out to us at the below email. Or by clicking "Write to the Editor" on the Contact page. We look forward to meeting you!


Former Staff


Editor-in-Chief 2021 - 2022 / Cofounder

Christopher Kitchens

As an Economics major, Chris is interested in political and economic philosophy and how they impact today’s political discourse. He is aspiring to work in a policy research institute. Chris helped establish and now serves on the board of a student organization at Georgia Tech that is centered around philosophical discussions.

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Editor-in-Chief 2022 - 2023

Micah Paul Veillon

Graduating in 2023 with a major in History, Technology & Society and a minor in Philosophy, Micah Paul particularly enjoys spending his time studying political philosophy. He is an experienced political writer and avid reader. Micah has contributed to The American Conservative Magazine and The European Conservative Magazine.

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