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About Us

At The Liberty Jacket, we make sure that our articles are of the utmost quality. To foster civil discussion and debate, we encourage readers to engage by submitting responses of their own!

Here's how it works:

Student Writers of all different backgrounds and perspectives apply to become a Contributor.

Once complete, the writer saves the draft and notifies the editor-in-chief for review.

The writer brainstorms,

researches, drafts, and refines a

full-length article.

An editor then checks the article for quality of content and factual evidence, then may make suggestions for improvement. The editor does not censor the writer's viewpoint or perspective, so long as it is backed up in the article and the piece is in compliance with our Code of Conduct.

The article is forwarded to the webmaster, who checks the article for grammar and clarity. Then the article is formatted.

Finally, the writer is asked to approve of any changes and the article is published to the site!

Readers are Welcomed to Contribute to the Discussion Too!

Several Paragraph responses to an article can be sent as a Letter to the Editor

The response is reviewed and published to a collection of responses to the article by other readers. 

A non-member writing an article-length response can Submit an Article

The Article is reviewed

through the process above.

The article is published independently and becomes linked to the original piece.

Comments can be made on the Article's Preview Post on our Instagram and Facebook

Instagram and Facebook moderates comments via their Community Guidelines.

The original author is encouraged to submit a response to the readers!
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