The Winter Line: 'Westworld' Review

Westworld, Season 3 Opening Sequence Image credits: Source of Gamers

Westworld is honestly my favorite TV show of all time. Created by my favorite director’s brother, Jonathan Nolan, and his wife, Lisa Joy, this futuristic and highly technological science fiction flick is not for ‘casual viewers’ due to its mind-bending storylines and nonlinear plots. It could confuse even the best of the best. Its cinematography is spectacular, some top-class acting by the industry’s best (cue Evan Rachel Wood and Thandie Newton), and well, very heartfelt music score by none other than Ramin Djawadi himself!

It’s been a very long wait for the third season - two whole years. It’s really not surprising though, considering the amount of time and thought to create such complexly beautiful plots with some crazy twists. After two very mind-boggling seasons, it’s been worth the wait!

When I watched the second episode, ‘The Winter Line’, I was in awe and tears by the end of it. It was absolute genius! The storyline, the dialogue, the acting, the directing - it was all top-notch. But what I particularly liked about this episode was the detail. The writers and the director have paid so much attention to even the slightest details, it’s amazing how one could think so much! It’s only been two episodes so far as of the date I’m writing this, but I had to write about this episode, it’s truly been one of my favorites of all time!

Here are some really cool things about this episode. Oh and before you go ahead…

(VERY) Major Spoilers Ahead

No Dolores

Maeve in this episode wears a beautiful red dress! Image credits: Westworld Fandom