The Freshmen Housing Dilemma: East or West Campus

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It may be the most crucial decision for an incoming Georgia Tech freshman: Choosing to live on East Campus or West Campus. Committing to The Institute brings about a lot of concerns for newcomers. By no means is becoming a RAT (Recruit at Tech) a typical college experience. I remember being worried about having a social life, but also being able to focus on work.

Fortunately, or perhaps unfortunately for the indecisive, there isn't an incorrect answer to this question. It truly comes down to preferences and what is important to you. Soon this summer, the pleb class will receive time tickets to self-assign themselves and a roommate to a room of their choice. Let's break down the pros and cons of each side.

In my freshman year, I chose Fitten Residence Hall on West Campus. I had a blast. I met my best friends at Tech, and I have absolutely no regrets about my decision. Granted nearly all classes in the 2020-2021 school year were online, I wasn't too worried about the proximity to the center of campus. Instead, I was nearby the band practice field (SAC Field next to the Campus Recreation Center). Fitten was also great because it housed a laundry room and a printer.

Your dorm choice has already been made if you plan to join a Living Learning Community (LLC). But don't let that be a reason to join or not to join an LLC. LLCs aren't for everyone, especially if there isn't one that closely relates to your major or interests; you plan to be very active in various campus organizations; or you have a busy class schedule. While the LLCs provide you with a group of like-minded friends and set events, there are plenty of people who lead great college experiences without one. Besides, you get more freedom in choosing where you live without joining one.