DeSantis Strikes Back at Disney

The Desantis/Disney Showdown is on Live in 2022. Credit: Florida Politics

There is new hope for people who enjoy watching movies and television without propaganda being shoved down their throats. Governor Ron DeSantis strikes back at Disney for embracing a woke agenda and meddling in Florida’s politics. In this matter, the governor may be using the force of his office in a manner inconsistent with the principles of American democracy, but could the recent turmoil spark the return of the entertainment industry to neutrality? Disney might have the rights to Star Wars, but DeSantis will do anything in his power to ensure that Disney does not deprive Floridians of the right to self-govern.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis sparked enormous controversy in April when he announced that Florida Republicans were dissolving the Reedy Creek Improvement District (RCID) as repudiation for Disney having taken a political position at odds with his administration. While the bill did not specifically name RCID, DeSantis has made it clear that the decision to retract the special privileges afforded to Disney was motivated by their competing values. Bob Chapek, CEO of Disney, responded to the Parental Rights in Education Bill by denouncing it publicly and indicating that Disney was engaging in the political process behind the scenes. Objections have also been raised to videos that show Disney executives discussing the infusion of a progressive political agenda into programming for children. While many Floridians share a distaste for the positions taken by Disney and its efforts to indoctrinate children, there are concerns about the practical implications of integrating the enormous debts and public service expenses associated with Disney’s operations with local municipalities. Furthermore, the action raises concerns over the issue of free speech.